Elevator Do’s and Dont’s

  • • The lifts shall not be loaded more than the capacity of the lift.
  • • On entering of leaving the lift-car, close the landing gate and the car –gate properly
  • • Do not open the lift-car when the lift is moving, The gate should only be opened after the lift-car has stopped opposite a landing gate
  • • In case of danger, press the alarm button, but leave the lift- car gate closed. Wait inside until the lift-car is brought opposite a landing, and do not attempt to leave the lift- car until the landing gate is opened fully.
  • • Children under 12 years of age shall not use the lift unless accompanied by an adult.
  • • Remember, even if you are stranded inside the lift- car in between two floors, you are still safe inside the lift. Wait for help.

Good lift- operating habits

  • • Press call button lightly.
  • • Know your destination in advance. Push the elevator call button for the floor you want to go to. And do not keep pressing the button.
  • • Stand aside for existing passengers
  • • Pay attention to floor indications.
  • • Push and hold the door open button if door needs to be held open.
  • • Wait for the next car if the elevator is full.
  • • Take the stairs if there is a fire.

Behaviours to Avoid

  • • Do not extend your hand or arm to stop elevator doors from closing. Use a notebook or suitcase or suitable objects to open closing doors.
  • • Do not overload the elevator.
  • • Do not press the button again and again.
  • • Do not stand in between the doors.
  • • Do not step in until the lift has stopped at landing and doors are opened fully.
  • • Do not crowd in the middle of the lift.
  • • Do not lean against car panels
  • • Do not panic in case of power failure. Attempt to call for help on the portable phone inside the lift(if there is one) or wait for assistance . do not attempt to force open the doors from the inside.
  • • Pay strict attentions to lift usage timing, especially in case of office building, to avoid being stranded, inside the elevator when the mains are switched off at the end of the working day.